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White gold wessing band 936-1

$800 $550

  • 936

  • Gold

  • Slim fit

  • 4.7mm

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Engraving + 25$

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Ring Sizer


To use our Ring Sizer, follow these steps:

  1. Print it—make sure to uncheck the “fit to page” option on your print command
  2. Cut out the
  3. Make a slot in the sizer by cutting along the dotted line.
  4. Roll the sizer into a circle with the numbers on the outside.
  5. Insert the end of the tab into the
  6. Place the sizer around your finger and pull the tab through the slot until the paper is snug around your
  7. Read your finger size on the

** Also, on one finger alone a person may vary more than a whole ring size depending on time of day, work performed, and other swelling-inducing activities/conditions. Therefore, in most cases quarter-sizes are meaningless unless one needs precise accuracy with a particular ring.

*** Use at own risk. This is just a guide. Accuracy depends on the person using this guide and therefore WeddingBandRings cannot accept responsibility if your ring size is incorrect upon ordering.